Mike & Belinda Doherty

Owners & Operators

Mike Doherty married his wife Belinda in 1997. At the time, she was an active duty officer in the USAF. They relocated to Luke AFB in Arizona and Mike joined Arch Wireless as a Wireless Data Product Manager.

In 2000, they relocated to Florida and Mike decided to open a pressure washing and painting business. That small business flourished and grew into what we know today as Black Pearl Custom Painting, LLC.

The business was relocated to Tucson, AZ in 2004 and finally to San Antonio, TX in 2009 where it remains open til this day.

Throughout this time Mike and Belinda began to buy homes, fix them up and rent or sell them. They did this successfully, but found it to be a very time consuming and challenging business.

They regrouped and focused efforts on purchasing small tracts of land to clear for future development. While this venture also proved profitable, it had a very long and slow business cycle.

In 2018 Mike decided it would be best to serve other landowners in central and south central Texas by providing land clearing services.

Black Pearl REI, LLC dba Concan Cedar was formed to serve the land clearing and maintenance needs of landowners now and well into the future!

Since the inception of Concan Cedar, the company has expanded its' offerings to include brush clearing, cedar clearing, mulching, field shredding and mowing, dirt work, pad site preparation, cedar fence building and installation, ranch road building and maintenance, right of way maintenance, as well as other services it may be qualified to provide on an as needed basis.

We look forward to serving your needs!

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